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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cupertino Cherry Blosom Festival

Our weekend was for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Cupertino, CA..  It was mainly to celebrate the city's sister city, Toyokawa, Japan.  Toyokawa gave the US some cherry trees and there is a celebration every year to honor that gift and the Japanese culture, which has a heavy influence in Cupertino.  It is a 2-day festival with food, games, song and crafts.  The only thing lacking was the cherry blossoms.
The 2-day event is held in Memorial Park which is across the street from De Anza College.  These flowers are in front of the senior center which is adjacent to the park. 

I don't know what they are but they had a wonderful fragrance.

Different performances depicted Japanese and American culture.

The pools had fountains and water fowl alike.  The mallard ducks and Canada geese were swimming to and fro with there babies.

They have a memorial with plaques and a statue honouring our fallen soldiers.
This statue honours the souls lost in Operation Red Wing in Afghanistan.
 It was a good day.  Stopped at WM in San Jose on the way home to pick up a couple of things.  In that city if you don't have a shopping bag you can purchase one.  You know the kind with handles and if you just want a paper bag they'll give you one and charge you 10 cents.  First time we've encountered that.  Good effort on diminishing waste.