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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Fun Time @ PIR

The desert is in bloom this year.  The mountains are covered in green and the poppies are in bloom.  The desert  has seen some rain this winter and now nature is taking advantage of it.  It is all very beautiful.  The cactus have also benefited from the extra moisture.

I met part of my team in Yuma before the race this spring.  We stayed at the Que Chan Casino for 8 nights.  The casino is just a couple of miles from the Mexican border.  Cookie and Lydia went over one day while Bill and I stayed at home.  All of us went to the markets, of which there are 3, in Yuma.  We found some fresh veggies at reasonable prices.  I bought some more LED's for the chandelier over the kitchen table. 
It's also a time we go out to eat together.  There is a new Asian restaurant we wanted to try but after circling the parking lot with no luck we went to our old reliable Asian buffet.

Cookie and I reached the track early because we had prescriptions to pick up at the base pharmacy.  Of course we hit the grocery stores to stock up on easy to make food for when we are working.  We met some friends for lunch and had a good ole' talk fest.  The whole gang went to lunchsupper(lunch/supper) at Golden Corral.  We get there just before 4 so we can get the lunch price and supper menu. 
Cookie was on the clean-up crew for the first time.  She did GREAT!  As all of my crew always do. 
The first couple of days were extremely boring because of the few campers there were.  Friday night there was the Toyota 120(75 miles) which was a race of Mexicans.  It's a 75 mile race or 120 KM.  It is weird how they race.  For example after the first 50 laps they stop for 20 minutes.  Then there was another 15 minute break.  After the race we were to take the drivers and the entourage to an area called the roll bar for interviews and autographs.  We waited for them to come out and board the trams and we waited and waited.  Finally we left and went home.  It seems the Mexicans are a bunch of whining crying brats.  They were fighting amongst themselves after the race.  Rumour has it that one driver got beaten up by the others because they thought he cause to many wrecks or stopped to go the restroom during the race.  So it was rumoured.

The next 2 days were filled with idiots, morons and imbeciles.  Fortunately we have Deputy Sheriff's to give us a hand.  On a sadder note 2 people died of apparent heart attacks while camping.  Both were in the same section.  Sunday after the race we did get to seem an idiot trussed up like a prize pig on the way to the market.  The Deputy told us he had stolen 2 beers from a vendor.  Instead of just taking a ticket and paying a fine he ran, he hid out, shoved an officer and pulled the tazer darts out and spit on an officer.  He probably woke up in a cell wondering how he got there because we were told he was extremely intoxicated. 

We are now in Cottonwood, AZ for 3 weeks.  I took the car in AGAIN because the AC quit.  Let's see how long it runs this time.  Still with 133000+ miles it's hanging in there. 
It's time for a little or maybe alot of relaxation.