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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trip to the Russian River and back

Well lets see what have we done since falafel's and the coast?...We did drive to Cloverdale, CA. to see a camp ground in our system.  Cloverdale is 167 miles north of our present location.  It was cool and nice when we started out but got rapidly colder and cloudier as we pass the bay area.
That's the Oakland skyline.  You can see what I mean about the clouds.  As we neared the cities traffic got heavier and I almost got lost.  I had 4 different highways to take to get around the bay.  I did luck out with being in the proper lane most of the time.

It was fun in the car that is.
The Richardson bridge.  You can't see much because the sides are high enough to block the view.  I guess this will keep gauckers like me on the road.  It cost's and automobile $5 to cross; I hate to see what it will cost us in the motor home towing the car.
Look to the left of the light pole at the base of the mountain you will see a cluster of tan buildings, that's San Quentin State Prison.  Once you come off the bridge you go by an exit for it too.  We went by here 6 years ago on our way to San Francisco.  That time I WAS lost. 
We continued on around and eventually picked up US 101 again and continued on north.  The countryside is beautiful with lot's of green.  The traffic didn't start to thin out until we passed Santa Rosa.  We were a bit inland so no views of the coast.
We found the camp ground took a short tour, it's a small area, and started for home.  The camp ground is located 3 miles north of Cloverdale on the Russian River.  The sites are small and it's a tight fit but there are a few that will accommodate us.  If it works out we will go there in 10 days rather than south. 

Cloverdale is a small town and has remained so for more than 100 years. 

We stopped at the Owl restaurant for a bite before continuing our trip.
  Don't eat there!  Cookie had biscuits and gravy.  The biscuits had a cornmeal texture and little flavor.  I had pancakes.  The first pancakes I've ever had to cut with a knife.  We got some gas and continued through the vineyards towards NAPA Valley.
Miles and miles and miles of vineyards.


The little white building in the picture above is what they built to hide the water tank and associated hardware so the landscape would be more eye appealing.  Clever! 

I got to stop at Dean and Deluca's in St. Helena for some gourmet cheese.  I do love cheese.  They have a wide range of gourmet foods and wines for a very nice price too.  From then on we were in traffic that was more stop than go. 

Metal dragon sculpture at an entrance to a nursery in Vallejo.  We arrived back at the campsite about 7.  It was a long day and a lot of driving but worth it.

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