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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some nice pics

Had to go to Wally World today.  On the way back to the camp ground we spotted smoke in the distance.  A fire had started and it looked big.
This is north of us towards Flagstaff

This one is south of us towards Phoenix.
The big one, we heard, is a control burn.  Last one of those took most of Colorado and Wyoming.  We don't know about the little one.  It is probably a control burn too.  There is a lot of dry grass and brush in this and surrounding areas.

I know I have mentioned the crystal clear skies before.  The moon is particularly bright and beautiful.

This mourning at 6 am we were awakened by not one, not two but a whole pack of howling coyotes.  I do love the desert.

Two more days and it's off to the races.  We're looking forward to seeing our friends and hearing what they have been doing.  The weather forecast is warm during the day.  Let's hope there's no dust storm this year.


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