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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Last of Summer

It has been a beautiful summer with it's cool temps and sunshine skies.  On the other hand some of

you have had to endure terrible high temperatures for long periods of time.  We are considering a trip east next year but we had a couple days in the 80's/90's and it was terrible.  We have been accumulated to the nicer weather for so long that even mild temps to some are terrible to us.  This may sound wimpy to you but that's why we're out here.  We seek cool weather with little or no rain.   

It has indeed been 4 weeks since my last post.  We had moved on to the Swinomish Indian Reservation for 3+ weeks.  There was no Internet service and very little cell service.  The surrounding communities were more on the touristy side which made them expensive.  We chose this area because of the proximity of a military base.  It was prescription refill time again and well it's just cheaper to get our drugs on base than out in the real world. 

With many good services near by I scheduled an oil change for the motor home the day we left.  I also had to have a few other things checked and repaired before we start the long journey to AZ.  The rig was in the shop for 3 days.  Lucky for us it was a 24 hour place so the repairs were done sooner than expected. 

We're not to far from where we were before but closer to cell towers and better wireless service.  I had purchased the Verizon hot spot and now am pulling in 4GLTE.  We had our satellite service shut off the 1st of June so we won't be wasting money not using it when we are parked in heavily wooded areas.  We had substantial movies but have now watched all of them at least twice and some as many as, well I won't say because it's ridiculous.  There are movies we've watched some much that we now critique them far more than most people do. 

Time to do some cooking!

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