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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Still writing

Hi all.  We are still in South Carolina and I am still writing.  I am constructing another Geoffrey Hawk story.

We have managed to stay in Yemassee since late May.  We love this park even with it's obvious down falls.  I am almost acclimated to the humidity.  It still messes with my sinuses but what doesn't these days.

We have a knocking sound coming from the front end of the car.  I have determined it is not the engine.  Transmission maybe...front trans-axle more likely.  We run it till it dies then get something else.  Towing it behind the motor home probably hasn't done it any good.

We survived hurricane Irma just fine.  Evacuated the campground because of the trees.  We hid behind a large building about a half mile down the road.  It blocked most of the wind.  The park maintenance cleared the big limbs so we were only out about 24 hours.  Good thing too because the heat and humidity returned quickly.

As of right now we are scheduled to leave here around October 17, but all that could could change at any moment.  We are still flighty.  LOL.

Cookie's book is doing well.  She works hard at getting it out there.

I now have 5 more books in the mill so keep an eye open for more adventures from Geoffrey Hawk.

With summer winding down we start thinking about the holidays.  Everyone stay safe...

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See you soon....Bye for now

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cookie's first book

It is finally here "Capitol Steps and Missteps" is available at and kindle.  This book is about Congressman John Jenrette from the 6th district of South Carolina that Cookie worked for during the Carter administration.  Along with her former colleague, John F. Clark, they have recounted the life of their former employer during his tenure in the United States Congress.

Exciting and suspenseful this book is a must read.  So get it now and be prepared to be amazed.