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Friday, May 3, 2013

Left instead of right

Leaving the camp ground we always turn right to go to town.  NOT today...we had never been left so left it was.  Country road...most of the time in better shape than the main roads... curvy for sure...we went up into the hills.  Came across a county park so another left it was.  The drive was beautiful...saw 2 wild turkeys...couldn't stop car behind me.

  Got to the park and camp ground closed + $6 entry fee.  Unwilling to pay just to drive through so turned around and came out.
Beautiful and big homes here in the hills.  More horses than grapes and some small lakes which were down on their water.

We continued on not knowing where we would end up.  I pulled into another lake/boat ramp just to ask.

 The people there that look after the place, collect fees and inspect boats were very nice.  I pulled up and asked the attendant "where was I and where does the road come out."  He chuckled a little and told me I was closer to San Jose than Morgan Hill.  I thanked him and off we went.  Back across the hills to the highway and to do what we had originally set out to do.  Errands. 
Nice fruit/vegetable stand with very little grown in US.  The produce here isn't ready yet.  Stopped for gas again $3.779/gal cheap for this area.  You may think I use alot of gas well not really.  Our car has a 12 gallon tank and we get between 27 to 30 miles to the gallon.  And ever since the fuel pump was replaced the gas light comes on when I have a half tank...very annoying to say the least but it keeps me from getting so low that dirt is sucked up and cloggs the fuel filter. 

Another outing under our belts.