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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Summer Migration

It is another year and like the many species of birds we are migrating with the weather. 

Our first stop has landed us in Paicines, California.  Our camp ground is in a canyon of sorts; surrounded by vineyards and vegetable farms.

  But first the trip from Cottonwood, Arizona was ....monotonous.  As much as I love the high plains and desert there was just too much of it.  I stopped at exit 9 in AZ to top off on fuel figuring that it would be less expensive than in California.  In some places the prices were higher in CA than in AZ but once we crossed the mountains the prices so far are less.  I hope they stay that way for awhile.  The two nights we were on the road we spent in rest areas.  The first one was near Newberry Springs, CA.  It was alittle run down but alot of area to park.  We found a nice spot near a tree and had a quiet evening.  The next day we made it to Lemoore NAS where we did a commissary stop.  It seems that the last couple times we stop here and take the rig on base the commerical gate is closed and I have to drive through the main gate.  Well both times I've rubbed the concrete with the rear tire getting in.   You'd think I'd learn to call ahead for gate opening times.  Anyway we did the commissary and instead of going to the casino I decided to continue on to another rest area.  It was in better shape than the first night and alot creepier.  We watched the people and there was alot of activity.  I had my eye on a man I called creepy Buddhist guy.  He was hanging around looking at the restrooms like...well you can just imagine.  He left an hour or so after we arrived.  Then there was a couple sitting with a sign...begging for money and trying to get a ride.  The sign said they were stranded but how did they get the cardboard to make the signs and how did they get there?  The rest area wasn't exactly near any towns...and since pedestrians aren't allowed on the interstate you gotta wonder.  They spent the night under one of the many pavilions in the stop.  The next morning Cookie observed them getting in a car with some one so we're guessing they got the ride they were seeking. 

The third day on the road was a short one.  The camp ground is called San Benito, it's south of Hollister on 25.  We like it here although it's not's quiet and flat.  No problem getting leveled out here.  We'll be in this area for 9 weeks.  I'm hoping to find some good produce before we leave the area.


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