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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things we've done since our arrival at the Oregon Coast

We arrived in Florence on Tuesday, May 7 and parked at Three Rivers Casino for the night.  Our reservations weren't until the next day.  When driving through town I took notice of the gas prices at the Safeway.  I was pleased to see for regular gas it was $3.499 a gallon.  We dropped the rig at the casino and went to Chen's Family Dish for lunch.  We both had a Chinese low level light.  Wednesday we moved into our camp ground.  We have a nice site with all amenities.  We had a bunch of laundry and with full amenities we are able to use our washer/dryer with no cost to us.  YEAH!!!!!! 

On Friday we met our good friends Pat and Terri at Three Rivers Casino for lunch.  Just by supplying our email addresses both of us received $10 slot play.  With that $10 each we turned it into $30.  Gains are gains no matter how small.  Every 2-weeks we can get another $10. 

Today I needed to go to the post office and stop at the store for a few things.  I happened to look at the gas prices.  The price is up 40¢ a gallon, in a week.  Gouging for Mother's Day or summer rates?  Being in the northwest I suspect we'll be $4.25 by mid summer.  On a brighter note the weather is beautiful and the rhododendron are in bloom.  The Rhododendron Festival is the 17th through the 19th. 

These pictures were taken inside the camp ground near the family center. 


The Rhododendron Festival is this weekend and what a show they're putting on.  Of course being on the coast it was foggy, misty, rainy and down right nasty.  I stayed in the car while Cookie went off to look at the crafts.  There was even a carnival set-up.
 We left Florence and drove to Eugene for Saturday Market.  Now if you want to step back in time Saturday Market is the place to be.  It was like 60's hippies meet 21st century hippies.  We were fortunate to get a parking spot just across the street from the crafters.  Estimated 200 crafters, food court and live music.  People on the corners playing music for change.  Everything was TRULY hand crafted.  There was a fresh produce area too.  Organic this and that for much more than I was willing to pay.  Farm fresh eggs $6 a dozen.  For that price they should cook themselves.  Artisan breads and pastries of all kinds.  It was a lot of fun.

A grow your own mushroom farm.
The real hippies.  Cookie waded right in to them and I observed from a distance.  Being that they were set up outside the Lane County Court House I felt they were on the wrong side of the security fence.

A Wal-Mart stop and back to the camp ground.  It was a very good day.   

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  1. I just want you to know that I not only read your blogs, but I enjoy them and the photos! I really miss you guys!