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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello Again

Well, here I am again. Now that I have a little more knowledge about blogging better things will happen. We are getting ready for the summer job. Not really, it's tournament time and our attentions are focused on basket ball. It has been wetter and windier winter than in the past. After going to Florida in December we have decided that the desert is where we really want to be. So next off season we will go straight to Gila Bend and sit.

The RV park that we are in is starting to thin out. The people are going to where ever they go for the summer.

I made a cheese cake with oreo cookie crumbs for the crust. I will stick to graham cracker from now on. Although still very good I'd rather dunk my oreo's. I am still struggling with the convection/micro combo oven. A good toaster oven is a must in an RV.