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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Changing direction

The other day we set out for Cheyenne, WY because of the 2 escaped killers that where sited in the Yellowstone NP area.  Well, while driving I mentioned the route I was going to take if we had been going to Yellowstone.  My wife says to me "why let a couple of killers change our lives.  About that time we came upon the exit to the National Parks and we took it.  We were on US 189 & 191 to Jackson Hole, WY.  It is a road less traveled but a good road nun the less.  We drive a 40 foot motor home and pull a car so I am continu condously looking at road conditions and mountainous grades.  This particula route was well suited for us even though there were some good grades, up and down, because the road was well maintained.  Actually we haven;t been on a bad piece of highway since we turned onto the US routes.  We camped at a national park camp ground and with Cookie's golden age it only cost $10/night.  We spent 3 days in the Grand Teton, Yellowstone NP area and Jackson Hole, WY.  We left today heading for Cody, WY by way of the east entrance to Yellowstone NP.  The accent to Sylvan pass from the west was easy but the decent on the eastern side was alittle more interesting.  Using the engine brake 99% of the time made things less stressful. 

As I stated before the roads were in good to excellent condition.  There are some places in Yellowstone that it seems narrow because on the right side where the white line is or is supposed to be there would be a drop off and no guard rail.  Cookie would go into her freak out mode but as usual she servived.  When traveling these roads be mindful of the speed limit, the wild animals and the construction. 

We have been in some of the most beautiful parts of the country I have ever seen.  We are truly fortunate to be able to travel the way we do and see the things we see.