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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vacation begins

After 2 grueling weeks of Nascar we have started our vacation.  The first week we were in Phoenix working in mixed weather.  It rained, luckily at night, and it was cold.  Sunday morning(2/27) we awoke to snow on the mountains around the valley.  After the race we left for Vegas.  We drove for a few hours before pulling over for some rest.  We woke to a slide that would not come in.  After some work I got the rig ready and we pulled into the Las Vegas Motor Speedway just hours before our shift started.  It was 7 more days of race fans and cold weather.  Now it's over and we are in our RV park in Vegas for 2 weeks of rest and relaxation.  Both of us have colds from the lack of sleep and improper diet.  Cookie is worse off than me.  She is still stuffed up pretty good. 

We have started to recover.  We have applied for our pass ports, gone shopping to replenish the food stores and now we recover and do laundry.  The prpearations for Alaska are underway.  We are contemplating taking in a couple of shows while we're here.

These pictures were taken by Bill Sollinger.  Bill and his wife Lydia worked the night shift in Vegas and he is one of my drivers in Phoenix.