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Saturday, June 4, 2011



We're in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.  Arrived yesterday and spending today looking around.  We have had some colder than normal weather.  Woke to snow flurries Friday morning then rain on and off.

Cookie had to take a sleeping pill last night because she can't sleep with all the extra day light.  What a strange feeling to look out the window at midnight and still be able to see. 

Gloomy today and tomorrow's out look is the same.  Should be crossing into Alaska sometime in the next 2 days.  TOK will be our first stop and hope to stay there long enogh to get our mail. 

It has been a beautiful drive but a very lonely one too.  Sometimes we wouldn't see another human being for 50+ miles. 

The Canadian's have about priced themselves out of the tourism business.  Not many americans traveling Alaska hwy now.  Those that we have met are headed to Alaska to fish, they're not the touristy type.  With prices high and the dollar low there will be more places along the way going out of business this year.  Lots won't be opening this year. 

See you in Alaska!