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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Way Home

Now that the fall season is upon us we look to the south.  As the temperatures cool we will meander in that direction.  Though we do not have a permanent spot that we settle into we consider southern AZ/CA our winter home.  In the past we have stayed at the Gila Bend Auxiliary Air Field (a part of Luke AFB) during the winter.  Last winter we were in so. California until the spring race in Phoenix.  We figured on doing the same again this winter season.  I did some calculating and with fuel costs it's more economical for us to travel than sit in one place and pay camp ground fees.  With our Thousand Trails membership we do not incur any camp ground fees and if we stayed in Gila Bend it would be out-of-pocket.  This membership has really paid for itself since we quit working. 

As I have said prior, I follow the weather closely.  The fires in Washington are not under control yet and the route planned takes us through the burn areas and smoke.  If this is still the condition when we do head south I will re-route which will add about 200 miles to our trip.  In Lu of the warm weather in the south we have extended our stay here for another week.  We needed to make a commissary run anyway.

I have made my first video call using Skype tonight.  It was easier than I thought.  I talked with my sister and nephews for a few minutes.  It was really good to see and hear them.  Isn't technology wonderful!  So if anyone has Skype give us a shout.

Cookie went to the lodge to watch the Presidential debate.  I had no desire to make my blood pressure go up so I stayed home and puttered on the computer.

Day after tomorrow we start south.  We are going to go thru Rachel, Nevada to visit some of my relatives.  Rachel is also home to "Area 51", the military's secret base with all the secrets we see on TV.  If you don't hear from us again it just means we loaded the RV onto the mother ship and are taking an intergalactic vacation.  Ta! Ta!