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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We have finally arrived in Las Vegas for Christmas and New Year.  It was cold in Yuma when we left and fortunately we were able to arrive a day early.  With Christmas so close now the park is filling up fast. 

That was Quartsite.  Beautiful sunsets.

We found WB characters in Yuma.  We spent more time in Yuma than expected.  We had called for our mail before we left Cottonwood.  It took 14 days to get to Yuma from Livingston, TX.  There wasn't enough to go priority so it came first class.  I suppose with the holiday mail is the reason it took so long.  We had a good time.  Some of our Nascar friends met us at the Quechan Casino and we all went to Mexico.  Cookie and I both had dental work and I got new lens for my glasses; also a entirely new pair of glasses for working on the computer and they work out great for reading too.

If you look over the little camper the lights in the distance are from Los Algondonas, Mexico.  It;s a neat little town right on the border with a multitude of dental, vision and pharmacies.  Shop around for the best price.  Many good restaurants too.  From the Casino we were a mile from the border.  There is a parking lot on our side and it was a short walk to the entry point.  No one to check us in but coming out was crazy.  The day we decided to go over the Mexicans were throwing a party for us.  It was a glad to have the snowbirds back party.  Free food, booze and phamicuticals.  The wait to come back was long and we were walking. 

We left Yuma last Sunday with a stop in Laughlin, NV for a night and then to our present location. 
It has been windy and cold since we arrived. 

Nothing else to report until we get out some.  Cookie has been battling allergies for a week now.  She's getting better, less coughing and hacking.  So MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a HAPPY and healthy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!