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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ramblings of nothing at all

Well what's to talk about?  There's always the weather.  It's been nice, it's been cold, it's been nice again.  HA!!!

We took the rig to Tucson on Tuesday for a Wednesday morning appointment at LazyDays RV.  I needed the engine and generator oil changed and transmission service.  We left late Wednesday afternoon on the return trip to Cottonwood.  I hadn't intended to drive all the way because I don't like driving at night anymore.  In fact I did make it to the camp ground but decided to spend the night out at the turn off and come in in the morning.  The drive wasn't bad and having left the car at the campground the trip was quicker and smoother.  We met a very nice couple while at LazyDays RV, Bob and Snookie.  They a fulltimers and retired military.  Wonderful people, I hope we met up on the road in the future.

Everyone that knows Cookie knows what a FANATIC she is about basketball.  Especially UNC basketball.  Well it's tournament time again and I have a full supply of antacid tablets to get through it all.  With four channels of round ball we never miss a basket.  Most of the time I have my ear plugs in to listen to music or watch a video.  Cookie knows I don't like the sport.  She even offered to let me buy the new Hobbit movie so I would have some entertainment.  Unfortunately it doesn't come out until Tuesday.  I have already scheduled our next stop in Vegas so we will have TV. 

 This picture is of the red hills of Sedona after the cold front went through last weekend.  This picture was taken by our friend Heidi.  She is very talented in making jewelry and photography.  She made a bracelet for me that is gorgeous.

This picture was posted on facebook and is really cute.  Two baby elephants playing.


I don't know who thinks these up but they are funny.  I save the one's I like for future use.

My new drink is diet ginger ale.  Cookie likes diet coke.  I don't know what it is about it but I drink 4 or 5 a day.  Too many?  Who knows.

Y'all take care!