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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Havin' Fun in California

Windy nights with rain...windy days with sunshine.  Spring has sprung...the smell of fresh cut in bloom.  Life is grand.  It's's's cool again...YEAH!!!

We needed to mail the crochet items Cookie makes to Alaska and it was a nice day so out we go.  First we stopped at "The UPS Store" to see what they will charge for shipping to Fairbanks, AK.  Of course UPS requires a street address and all we have is a PO box so off to the post office to find a street address for the zip+PO number we have and to pick up our personal mail.  Just out of curiosity we to the package into the post office to see what they charge.  WELL, what an eye opener that was.  The USPS with insurance was one-third of what UPS quoted.  USPS it is...package off and running. 

You got to watch out for some those UPS stores are individually owned so they're going to up the price to make that profit.

One night while watching Triple D on the Cooking Channel the was a restaurant called Falafel's Drive In featured.  It is located in San Jose so being that we're close we took a trip. 

It is Mediterranean and American too.  The main reason we went is because they serve vegetarian and since Cookie doesn't eat meat she wanted to try it.  Well, to our surprise, it was rather good.  Cookie said she would it it again.   

The guy in the window is the owner and he was on TV with Guy.  The prices are very reasonable and the food in GOOD!

Cookie attacking an unknown obstacle.

I was being visited by one of the locals. 

After lunch we took-off driving to see what's what.  We drove as far as south San Francisco then I made a left for the coast.  We are going to leave SF visit for another day.  I got on CA 1, otherwise known as the Pacific Coast Highway.  If you've never been try to be...It is a beautiful drive and the temperature was 30 degrees cooler than in Morgan Hill where we are camped. 

We stopped in Pacifica to check out a RV resort that our membership is affiliated with.  Even with the discount my dinero does stretch far enough.  Ocean front site, NO hook ups, $83/night.  Guess we'll stick with the way we're doing it now.  We also stopped at the pier for some quick pics.

Nice little town with plenty of beach.  The sand is a dark grey and very pretty.  We drove the PCH down to Santa Cruz before cutting back over the mountains to Morgan Hill.  We ran into a little fog along the trip too.

One last stop.  Swanton Berry Farm where every thing is organic.  I picked up a jar of jam made from the Logan Berry and the Young Berry.  Very good.  As you can see by their sign it was all self serve and a honor till.  If you've never seen anything so crazy before neither had we.  But I guess it works or they wouldn't do it.

Another thing that surprised us was that gasoline was cheaper on the coast by 24 cents a gallon. 
That was our day...How was yours?