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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Short Race

     Well, another race under our belts.  We had a great time with all of our friends and made some new friends too.  It was a short 3 days but I still managed to work 52 hours.  Early in the morning to late at night we toiled to move the people from point "A" to point "B" and back again.  Most were very appreciative; there's always one or two that don't get to where they want to go because they don't listen. 

     We left on Monday; short stop in Gila Bend for laundry and dump tanks.  Refill with water and off to Yuma.  Met up with two of my people at the "Q" for a night.  Dinner at Lin' day trip to Mexico for some dental work and new glasses.  We even picked up a couple souvenirs, something we don't usually do.  Picked up and packed up an move to Palm Springs for a couple weeks to regroup and recoup from the last 3 weeks.

     Cookie is crocheting up a storm.  She has nearly 100 hats to deliver to "Operation Gratitude" in April.  We will help assemble packages for the troops and hopefully learn to make Para cord bracelets.  These people are doing a good thing for our men and women serving their country.

Tuesday is moving day.  Only going about 70 miles but the temps promise to be lower than where we are now.  We have been holed up in the RV with the A/C on most of the time. I managed to get some really great movies at WM for $5.  We have ditched the satellite; I'm tired of paying for channels we don't watch.