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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Branson. We've arrived, sort-of

After extensive search for an affordable CG we came upon Table Rock SP just a few miles west of Hollister, MO. on SR 165.  It is very nice, the sites are paved, we have 30 amp for electric, we even found a extra long site with a view of the marina.  The price is $19/night with Golden Age.  This is relatively inexpensive compared to the private CG's.  It is a very well maintained CG with showers and everything.  They have a number of first come first serve sites which was fortunate for us since we hate making reservations because we never know how long it takes to get some where and we might find something along the way that we want to stop and see.  I would highly recommend this park if you want to come to Branson and not be in the hustle bustle of town.  I should clearify something for you, we didn't just happen upon Table Rock SP.  We have a book that has SP's listed by state.  This along with the military RV parks, Corp of engineers and other important books for the full time or part time RV'er are essential for travel.  If you plan ahead, unlike us, they are a good tool to have.  I should also mention that we escaped the 11.46% tax that is tacked on to your bill when staying in town.

We were origanlly looking for a Corp of Engineers CG and found one but would of had to move after 2 days because it was reserved by a big group.  C.O.E. CG's give 50% discount for Golden Age/Access or now as it is refered to Senior Pass or Access Pass for the disabled.  At many of the COE CG we got no answer to our call.  We are very happy and it has cooled down enough so we were able to sit out side this evening.  There is a nice breeze and we even had some fire flies. 

We're about 8 miles from Branson and have plans to hit town tomorrow to do the tourist thing.  It will be fun.  We'll meet friends that we haven't seen in a long time and then who knows what.  Stay tuned for more up dates.