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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Branson, Missouri

We arrived Table Rock SP just out side of Branson, MO. on Tuesday the 24th of Aug. 

Day 1:  We went into town and visited with friends from the past (Ron & La Donna) and got each other caught up on what we all had been doing since we last saw them.  Around dinner time Cookie and I decided Chinese was going to be the flavor we wanted.  We found the one recommended by our friends and had a wonderful late lunch/early supper.  It was a buffet, pretty standard as they go.  We drove around Branson for awhile taking in the sites and locating the shows we thought we might like to attend.  We chose Grand Jubilee's evening performance for the next day. 

Day 2:  We arrived at the show early, as we usually do, and watched the people until the doors opened and seating commenced.  The show was very good but we got ourselves seated right up front and the band over powered the singers.  It was still a very good performance although not what I was expecting.  I would have preferred more country and this was primarily gospel.  I would recommend this show to everyone.

Day 3:  In speaking with other show goers last night we decided to go to Pierce Arrow Theater and see their performance.  We called for reservations and got 2 tickets for 12th row center.  These were actually pretty good seats.  You could see the stage and hear the singers over the band.  I like this performance better than Grand Jubilee and Cookie is just the opposite.  Maybe it was the choice of music.  Pierce Arrow was more gospel than Grand Jubilee and they sounded more professional.  My opinion.  This show is another you must experience when in Branson.  Dinner was another buffet, small compared to some but the food was fresh and hot all the time, reasonable prices too.

Day 4:  Today was the day for Wal*Mart.  Ron & La Donna joined us for dinner at our rig that evening.  It was a quite day.

Day 5:  We went into Historic Branson to look in some of the shops, listened to a fiddle players contest down on the river front and came home.  I think we were tired and the touristy stuff isn't really for us.  We'll spend the rest of the day preparing for the next leg of our adventure.

All in all we had a good time and a good experience.  We came at the right time of the season too.  Even though some of the shows were closed for a couple of weeks there are still plenty to see, places to eat and the mountains and lake are gorgeous.