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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Old acquaintances & new places

On Saturday 4/23, we met up with an aquaintance from 2006 when we volunteered at Honeyman SP just outside of Florence Oregon.  His name is Bill and Bill has a dog named Barney.  

 Bill has a girl friend since we met him in Oregon.  Her name is Marcia and she is a very nice lady. 
We met Bill and Marcia in a small town called San Juan Bautista.  San Juan Bautista is a small town with alot of history and is located on the El Camino Real or The Kings Highway.  It is also locate on the San Andreas Fault.

Located along the El Camino Real are 23 missions of which there is one here.
As in any tourist town there are gift shops,

restaurants, we ate at Jardines of San Jaun which stands for "The Gardens of San Juan".

There were also many of the locals walking the streets in colourful garb.
From San Juan Bautista we ventured over to the coast to Monterey.  Monterey is a wonderful city with artsy stuff, eateries and gift shops galore.  It is a tourist town crowds and all.  We parked on Fishermans Wharf and walked alittle.

If you look at the bottom center of the picture you can see a star fish.  They were all over.