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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coffee and other things

Just like many of you I have to have my coffee in the morning.  About a year ago, while parked with limited electricity, we were having to do without coffee in the morning.  David, a new host at the time, introduced us to the coffee press.  This coffee press allows you to make your morning beverage without electricity.  Now the coffee press is all we use.  Recently we had to purchase a new press so I thought I would share this with everyone. 

When purchasing coffee for the press get the coarsest grind available.  I get beans and grind them with the in-store coffee grinder with the dial set all the way counter clockwise.  When I find beans on sale I buy and bring back to the rig and grind as needed.  I have a spice grinder that I also use for coffee.  This way I can grind what I need when I need it.  Using a press allows you to make coffee even if you're tent camping with no power source available.  But if your like me you have a small inverter that you carry in your vehicle so you can recharge phones, cameras etc and to run a small spice grinder for coffee.  But most just carry it already ground up.  If you purchase a press get one with a glass carafe'.  This is best for cleaning.

We left Lemoore NAS last Monday and drove to Paicines where we are staying.  We're about 10 miles south of Hollister , CA.  On the drive over we took many pictures "through the wind shield" so the pics seem like the lens on the camera is dirty but it's actually the bugs that decided to commit suicide on the wind shield.

The road was very windy with up and down grades.  It was a drive that kept me on my toes.  Even with all that we are glad we took the scenic route. 

Now we know where the happy cows live the rolling hills were green and beautiful.

This last picture someone sent me in an email.  It is of a mother black bear and 5, yes 5, cubs.  Unheard of.