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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Movin' On!

We set out on Monday and went to the RV service center to get the work done I had scheduled.  It went very well, we were out in under 4 hours.  I had new house batteries installed but the water fill system I had won't fit the new batteries.  They were the same number and everything.  I talked to the head mechanic and he made some calls and found out that Interstate made some changes by mistake and the batteries got out in the market.  Luckily when my batteries were delivered they also dropped off 2 of the old style.  A few minutes more and the switch was made and my water fill system was again operational. 

After the lightning strike in '09 in the Tahoe NF my surge protector took a beating.  I bought another and had this one hard wired in.  No more messing with a bulky box. 

The other thing was our refrigerator.  There was a recall on it.  I tried to get it done last year in Salt Lake City but the dealer jerked us around until I blew it off and we left there.  Fortunately North Beach RV robbed "peter to pay paul" so to speak and I was able to get the necessary work done.  Now maybe Norcold will stop bugging me.

We only drove a couple miles from the RV center to the casino to spend Monday night. We had a spot where we could see the ocean from our rig.
It was magical.  We went to sleep that night by the sound of the crashing waves.  Woke up to it too!!!

Another short drive to Ft. Lewis just outside Tacoma.  We'll be here for 2 nights doing laundry, commissary and preparing for the next leg of our journey.  When I pulled off the interstate and to the gate of the base I was informed I needed a pass/sticker for the rig and car.  No stopped traffic so I could u-turn and I went to the other side to get a pass.  I was told there would be enough room for me to park, after all we are about 53 feet long when towing the car.  Well no room but I pulled off far enough so I could go get what I needed.  We got to the door and there were people standing outside and I thought to myself "this can't be good" and it wasn't because all the chairs inside were full also.  We got a number and sat down anticipating a long wait.  While sitting there waiting for our number to be called a young woman slipped us a number and it was up next.  What luck, there are nice people in the world after all.  We got the pass for the car and rig and again security had to stop traffic so I could u-turn and go to the other side of the base.  I pulled up to the gate again and handed the security guard the pass and my id.  He said he need to check every ones id that was over six feet, so I thought, and I informed him that my wife was not six feet.  Well actually he said for anyone over sixteen so I laughed at my ignorance and handed him Cookie's id.  He was polite and after doing his thing handed back all of our documents and wished us a good day.  We had a good laugh over that and decided the guard would have a funny story to tell when he got home. 

We're parked in a very nice site in the trees.  Met a nice couple from Alabama that had made the trip to Alaska last year.  They told us we will have a wonderful time.  Went to the commissary and stocked up.
The rhododendrons are in bloom all over the place.

Tomorrow is laundry and cooking day. 

I'll have to say one thing the people of Washington state have been very friendly everywhere we've been.