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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Waiting for the weather to get better, waiting for the proper time to renew meds before crossing the border, waiting for...well we like to wait. 

We've had some decent weather the past few days.  Cookie has been working on a afghan and I have been vegging.  We did venture out to the local IGA for bread and milk. 

Got to watch most of the race today and Cookie has had lots of basketball for her entertainment.  Now we're preparing for the move on Monday.  First we'll stop at the RV shop to get a couple of items replaced and then it will be back towards Tacoma to McChord AFB for a couple days.  It will be resupply time and last minute shuffling of stuff.  Cool weather gear out, shorts back. 

I made a hamburger stroganoff the other night, a cake today, also a fritatta for supper.  Cookie had chip and dip. 

The CG is doing some work in another part of the park which I can see from our site.  They have been a bit comical to watch.
Quality is bad because of the angle through the window.  The pickup was being loaded onto the flatbed but had to be helped.  You can't see but there is a person inside the pickup.  Not only did they have to lift the truck up in the back to get it on the flatbed but had to hoist it way in the air inorder to get the ramps up.  It was like watching the three stooges.

Wildlife is starting to emerge here and there.  A couple of deer wandered through looking scraggly but I suspect their losing the winter coat.

Gotta find a recipe for green chile.  I have a pork sirloin I want to use and chile seems like something good in this kind of weather.