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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Moving day

Monday is moving day.  We will be heading north to Oregon first.  I have no idea where in CA we'll spend the night or nights.  It is wing it time again.  That's alot of fun at times.

We went to San Juan Bautista again last Saturday for a Pow Wow and craft show.  The craft booths were few but there was some really neat stuff. 
They put on a really nice show of native dance and song.

We went searching for a good farmers market.  Our usual had nothing we wanted so I took off for Morgan Hill again.  There was a market there we liked very much.

I got some cauliflower $0.79, asparagus $1, tomatoes $1.49/lb and a melon.  I am going to miss the market.

The vineyards are growing. Near where we are camped they cover the hills.

We will miss the garlic festival and the artichoke festival but we'll do it some day.  I did get a jar of garlic mustard.  Yum!