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Friday, May 13, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!!

     First let me tell you about yesterday.  Cookie woke me up with the statement "Rick, we have no electricity".  Just what I want to here.  I got up, got dressed and started the ritual of checking breakers and fuses.  Na-da.  Our surge protector had all the proper indicator lights which meant the was power trying to get into the rig.  Fourtunately the preserves we stay at have important stuff like RV repair shops listed.  I called and they came right out.  It took a couple hours but he problem was found and repaired.  Two wires going into the inverter/charger were fried.  Fred, the repair man, was very knowledgeable and professional.  Sometimes traveling like we do you never know what kind of help, if any, can be obtained. 

If your ever in the Ocean City, Ocean Shores area and need service or repairs on your RV, North Beach RV is the place to go.  No I didn't get a break for the shout-out.

     It has stopped raining for awhile.  Still cloudy but we can put up with that.  More rain on the way for the next few days but that's the way it is sometimes. 

Our preserve doesn't look quite like the picture but it is close.  The pic is dry we're soggy.  LOL.  Well it's off to the PO.