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Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's call this Day 63

We had a wonderful lunch with Marti and Fred Saturday afternoon at "Cafe' Yumm".  The food was delicious.  We talked for what seemed only a few minutes but actually had been 3 hours.  It was good to see old friends again.

We left Coburg, OR Sunday morning continuing north.  A short stop in Salem at the Walmart for supplies and it was on the road again.  The weather cooperated, mostly.  We ran into seveal showers but nothing that worried me.  The trip was flawless until we reached Tacoma, WA.  The casino we wanted to stay at was not the easiest to get into.  The directions in the "casino camping" book were to put it in good terms "WACK".  It isn't easy turning this 40 foot MH around and then there was the construction.  On the 3rd attempt I made it into the parking lot only to find out that over night parking was not allowed.  Another BOO BOO by our casino camping book.  While parked in the parking lot we called the casino and they guided us to a spot that would not violate whatever.  I was so ticked all I thought to say was WTF.  We didn't even go in.  If you are traveling through Tacoma remember that the "Emerald Queen Casino" is NOT rv friendly and not easy to get too.  

We left Tacoma and the casino early this morning and drove to Ocean City, WA on the coast to a Thousand Trails PreserveWe signed up for 2 weeks but I doubt we'll stay the full time.  It's a small preserve that borders the ocean.  From the far end it is about 200+ yards to the beach.  I had missed the entrance to the preserve because it was named something other than what I was looking for so again I had to find a turn around.  My first attempt failed, I was blocking the hwy but luckily no traffic and I could back out without unhooking the car.  It was also on a curve so I was really lucky.  Just up the road I found a church parking lot with plenty of room.  On the way back I new it would be a tight turn into the preserve.  I had to pull into the opposite lane because it was a straight entry way.  Just like pulling into the pasture at the farm.  We finally got a spot and set up only to discover the electric didn't work.  No problem I backed out of that spot and into another which turned out to be better.  We chilled the rest of the afternoon.  I made a pot of baked potato soup for supper.  Cookie has had basketball to watch and I've had computer.  The weather promises to be nicer tomorrow.  We will take off in the car to see the area.