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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Traveling Alaska

Hi there,

We are in Homer, Alaska which is on the tip of the Kenai peninsula.  We were luck to find a camp site on the spit(a narrow piece of land jutting out into the water).  We are having a grand time.  Our site faces Cook Inlet and we watch the boats come and go, we watch seagulls and bald eagles fishing and sea otters playing. 

When we first arrived in Anchorage they had a 5.2 earth quake which was scary and fun at the same time.  The day we arrived in Homer the was a tsunami warning.  All we need now is to have one of these mountains blow it's top and the trip will be a complete success.  We've been to lunch and had wonderful seafood, saw them unloading a boat full of fish and taken some good pictures.  Today we went to a farmers market, not much produce and what they had was expensive.  But if you really want sticker shock go to the grocery store. 
Cookie has taken thousands of pics while riding down the road and I am still going through them.
I almost clobbered a moose yesterday.  We were coming back from a drive and out popped a moose from the ditch on my right.  It ran across in front of me and its partner ran the other way.  I got to where I could turn around and we went back and snapped a few of the other moose.  They are big, ugly and clumsy.  I'm hoping those pics turn out good. 

Our present campsite is dry so I am at the local library.  Tomorrow we plan on heading for Seward, AK for a few days. 

Everybody take care.