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Monday, June 27, 2011


We had a good time in Homer on the Spit.  We stayed at a city camp ground with a beach front site.  The weather was typical for the area.  We saw Bald Eagles and watched the boats come in and out.
This was just one of the many eagles in the area. 
Fish being unloaded, they were sockeye salmon.
A trip to the farmers market...not much it's alittle early in the season...the growing season is short...less than 120 days.
We are in Seward still the same...not much here if you're not a fisher-person...we had a power outage today for the entire took hours for them to restore the electric.
They have back-up generators for the town but it blew-up...we heard a loud pop and saw alot of white smoke.
We did get to see cruise ships in the harbor...there is also a naval vessel docked here...the Alaska RR runs passengers to and from here.