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Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the Road Again

As of yesterday we were "On the Road Again" so to speak.  We left Lazy Days in Tucson a little before 11 am and drove 3 hours west to Gila Bend.  I hear you say "three hours?", yes 3 because I drive slower than most.  I feel more comfortable at 60 mph plus I'm RETIRED and in no hurry.  Everything has been repaired that the extended service warranty would pay for and that was quite a bit.  We had to get the ice maker fixed, washer/dryer, a roller for 1 bedroom slide, a new hydraulic/electric motor for 2 slides and levelers, electric motor for kitchen slide, water pump for the engine, new motor for steps at entry way, switch for electric mirrors and a new connection from the toilet to the black tank.  We spent most of the time waiting on approval and parts.  No problem there was free parking in the service lot with electric & water and the dump station was right around the corner.  When the rig was in the service bay we would be in the lounge where there was free wifi, coffee and in the morning danish.  There was also a TV so we were quite content.  All tolled between the two times we were there 37 days. 

We will be in Gila Bend for a week before heading to Palm Springs, CA for Christmas.  We are looking forward to spending Christmas and New Year in a different place. 

I am making some baked rice now and a pot of chili later.  It is a wee bit chilly today with clouds and wind.  The RV park is just about full for the winter.  I am trying to make cold weather food but it's difficult since Cookie is sooooooooooooooooo picky.  I think I'll do a cake too.

Well that's the update.  We lead an uneventful life but full of relaxation.