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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Great Experience

We had a GREAT time at the NASCAR race in Phoenix.  We arrived on Nov 3rd, we set up and then it was off to doctors appt.  My tram drivers and hosts started arriving on Saturday and we sat around swapping stories about each summer adventure.  While we were sitting outside I noticed something dripping underneath the rear of the rig.  When I looked I discovered that the coolant reservoir was empty.  I called my mechanic and formulated a plan.  I'll get back to this is a moment.

Friday while out in town the wind started to blow and the dust was a flyin'.  One of my drivers called me to button down the hatches.  We were in the midst of a dust storm and it wasn't pretty.

Then it rained and the wind blew.  The next morning,

It was beautiful.  The weekend was alittle iffy but we got all the races in as scheduled.  We had 1 mishap, a young boy tried to jump on a moving tram fell underneath and it rolled over his leg.  He was taken to the hospital and from what I heard will have to go through several surgeries.  It's sad but maybe people will start listening to us.

Well when we started to leave on Monday I had trouble getting the fluid into the reservoir so I called a mechanic and we had to take the reservoir off the brackets to service it.  It took 5 gallons of coolant.  We made it back to Tucson to get the motor installed for the hydraulic slide and I had them evaluate the engine leak.  I need a water pump, in addition I am getting another slide motor for one of the electric slides and a new switch for the mirrors.  All repairs have been covered by our extended service warranty.  We just pay a small deductible.  Because of the extra slide motor we will be spending turkey day in Tucson instead of San Diego.  Oh well that's why we call it an adventure.

We are in the service lot with water and electric, FREE, which Cookie likes.  With our satellite we have TV and excellent Internet.  Life is good. 

It is just 3 short months until the spring race.  We must sleep fast.