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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Before we leave

Before we leave this wonderful area of vineyards and farms, we decided to take a drive to the Pinnacles National Monument.  We only had to go a few miles before entering the park.
If you're into hiking, this is a wonderful place to do it.  Along with the hiking there is a cave and the Pinnacles themselves.
The Ranger told us the we were at the center of the San Andreas fault and when an earthquake happens that the tremors are felt less there than in other areas of the fault.  The reason for this is that the rock in this area is soft so when it is forced into other rock it mostly crumbles.  Another thing, I didn't realize this, is that the San Andreas is in western California; and if there was a major quake and California slid into the ocean Arizona would not be come beach front property.  LOL!

On our way to the farmers market we ventured off into the hills a found a nice little county park.  The lake is Coyote Lake and on one side is the park.  Trail riding is popular along with boating.  It has a camp ground with water and electric.  The road outside and inside the park is, in my opinion, not well suited for rigs of our size.  There are many picnic areas for day use.  There is an entry fee of $6 into the park itself. 

At the farmers market we bought some ear corn for dinner.  We stopped at the Hometown Buffet for lunch.  Bad experience, I broke a tooth on some extremely dry chicken.  The food was mediocre at best.  After a quick stop at a dentist we were off to Walmart.