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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day at the Coast

We decided to take a short trip to Santa Cruz and get some sea food for lunch.  It was a nice drive through the coastal mountains and fabulous farm land.  The strawberries are being picked and we saw other berry bushes under cover from the sun.  I'm thinking they were blackberries. 

The place we or I chose was on the municipal wharf.  The Miramar Seafood Grotto.  We had a wonderful view of Monterrey Bay from our table.  The Miramar Seafood Grotto was one of several restaurants on the wharf.  I had blackened talapia with grilled prawns.  It was good and we would eat here again.  Prices were very reasonable and there was a wide selection to choose from.  After lunch we strolled up the wharf to check out the shops and wildlife.

There's always seagulls. 
Lots and lots of sea lions.

Somehow they get up on the pier supports to sleep.
Fishing boats in and out.

View of the wharf from the farthest point.

We drove along the coast for a short ways.  It is beautiful.
We had a good day even if I did get alittle lost coming home.  Just more scenery to view.