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Monday, July 2, 2012

Out and about on the coast

We are parked in a beautiful location amongst the fir trees.  It's green everywhere.  Big ferns, moss on the trees and everything else too.  It is just like a rain forest you see in pictures.
We're on the best street in the entire park.

One outing took us to Newport, Oregon.  We were scoping out other Thousand Trails preserves in this area.  It was a beautiful drive along the coast.  Sunshine, clear skies and beautiful scenery everywhere. 
Have you ever seen such a big bunch of daisies before?  We hadn't.  These were at the new Three Rivers Casino.  They were much more beautiful than this picture shows.

The ocean is calm this day.  Cookie goes down to the waters edge to check the temperrature.  The waves almost got her. 

Every time I see this it takes my breath away.
7/2:  We have endured 4 days of clouds and rain but today to sunshine has returned.  YEPEE!!!!!  It's time to get back outdoors and enjoy.