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Monday, July 9, 2012

A dull week

On Tuesday we went to lunch at the casino with our friends Pat and Teri.  I had a chicken fried steak, but on the menu it was called a big foot sandwich.  Why not I'm into trying new things.  When it arrived it looked like a huge chicken burger with a salad under it.  Reminded me of Little Hips in San Antonio.  this thing had to be 10 inches across and loaded with everything.  This was definitely a job for a fork and knife.  Very GOOD!!!!

For the 4th we were invited to Pat and Teri's home for a cook out.  We enjoyed it very much.  Cookie gave each one an afghan, 2 down 2000 to go.

We could here the fire works.  We're less than a mile from where they were being displayed.


Teri really doesn't like having her picture taken.  I'm like that too.

Pat and Teri with their new afghans.

Thursday we went for a drive to the little town of Mapleton; but first I had to get gas.  With a gauge not functioning properly I try to refuel around 200 miles or less.  Well everybody and their brother had the same idea.  The attendant made some remark but I ignored him.  Those of you that have never been to Oregon or New Jersey you don't get to pump your own gas.  Sometimes it's a blessing and others it's not.  Anyway we got gas and up the river we went, on the road along side the river I mean.  Cookie wanted to scoped out a possible store to sell some of her crochet works.  What we found she decided it was not suited for her.  Back into Florence we decide to have a late lunch/early supper.  Both of us had gotten up late and had skipped breakfast.  We went to "Chen's Family Dish" which had been recommended by several people. 

Prices were good, inside was a lot better than most Chinese restaurants and the staff was friendly, a big plus. 

Here's Cookie standing by a fish mail box.

On the way back to our campsite I took a short detour.  I hadn't been out on the Jetty yet soooooo off we went.  We took a few pictures of the dunes but didn't get out in them.  It was windy and a bit chilly.

No quads in sight but we could hear them in the distance. 

All-in-all a fairly dull week.