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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good Ole' County Fair

We are experiencing a heat wave of sorts.  It was in the 80's yesterday when we were at the county fair in Lynden, WA. 

This is old town with a strong Dutch influence.  There are hanging baskets everywhere.

I hadn't been to a fair like this in a very long time.  Both of us found things we were interested in.

Tractors are my favorite!  We arrived at the end of the wagon team competition.

Contests for everything from Quilts to vegetables. 

A bee hive, Cookie's cousin in N.C. has bees.  We found this interesting.

One of the vendors had dipping oils and marinades.  I got a raspberry balsamic, blackberry balsamic, Thai sesame ginger & a sun dried tomato balsamic.  All have excellent flavor and they are mild enough for Cookie.  I stayed away from the garlic and basil ones, those are 2 things Cookie doesn't like.  It was good we went yesterday because it was even warm there today.

We have a park at Cultus Lake in British Columbia so today we took a ride into Canada to see the park and the area.  It's nice, fairly good sized lake in between to mountains.  We saw fresh veggie stands everywhere.  Sweet corn was selling for $3.99/dz.  About 33 cents a ear, Canadian.  We didn't get any because of the hassles of brings stuff back across the border.  Gas was $4.80 a gal and diesel was around $5.34 a gal.  We had filled up in the states.  We had no problems crossing either way.