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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good Weather & Wonderful Surroundings

We have moved on from the southwestern coast of Washington to the north western coast of Washington.  We had a good time in Ilwaco, Seaview and Long Beach.  It was a tourist area for sure.  There is a lot to do from horse back riding to go-carts to beach combing.  There are many wonderful shops too.  I bought my first Ty-dye shirt in my life.  I stand out in a crowd now.  Cookie likes it because now she can't lose me. 

We learned about Lewis and Clark and the journey they under took to find a north west passage.

Very interesting stuff. 

With our new location we have new places to explore.  We are only 6 miles from British Columbia.  We have been to Whidbey Island already.  Mainly for the commissary at the Naval Air Station but we went to an arts & crafts show in Coupeville which was farther down the island.  It was big for such a small town.  Much artsy stuff, not many people buying.  Cookie walked the whole thing and I sat in strategic places in case money was needed.  There was a lot of hand made jewelry which has reminded me I have forgotten to tell you that during the journey north we met a couple from Australia, Lorna and Ross.  Very nice and friendly people they were.  Lorna gave Cookie an exquisitely beautiful pair of ear rings.  The stones in them are from South Africa 

At each new camp ground we have our mail delivered.  Here we had to pick it up in Blaine which is right on the international border.  We could see the Peace arch and the long line of traffic coming into the U.S.

In each town we go to there are hanging baskets everywhere.  They are huge and beautiful.

Our camp ground is in the town of Birch Bay.  Another tourist area mainly because when the tide goes out it leaves shallow water that extends several hundred yards out from shore.  This shallow water is heated by the sun and very pleasant to be in.

The entire area has a significant Dutch influence as we have witnessed by the architecture.