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Friday, October 19, 2012

Bee...Bopin' around Arizona

After spending the summer in the northwest where we were cool and dry...the warmth of the desert is taking some getting used to again.  We're in Verde Valley, AZ for now.  I've always liked the low desert but the mountains are looking especially beautiful this year.  Our first side trip was to Sedona, AZ. and the red cliffs. 
The drive was great.  Sedona, is in my opinion, is artsy fartsy.  It is a very nice city in a wonderful setting.

I got to go to Montezuma Castle this time.  When we were here years ago we were unable to view the monument.  It is amazing that people actually lived like this.
My knees were getting pretty sore by this time.  I was headed for a bench to sit and look at the castle.

Many years ago you were allowed to climb into the castle but that is no longer.  Several years ago we scaled the cliff into the dwellings at the Gila Cliff Dwellings NM.  That was enough.
We stopped at the casino to pick up players cards.  They gave each of us $10 to play on.  You have to play the ten they give you but you can take all the winnings.  We left with $$$$.  Today in fish fry day from 4-9 pm.  All the fish you want for $9.  Guess where we're having supper?!  There are some craft shows Cookie wants to scope out this weekend so we'll be out and about doing this and that. 
We met up with our friends from Precott Valley on Wednesday at the Sizzler for lunch.  We hadn't seen Paul and Beverly in 3 years.  They're doing good and it was great to see and catch up on what is going on with them. 
Until next time...