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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Good and the Bad and the Ugly

The is good, we are seeing things that we want to see.  We went to Jerome, AZ to look around and saw an awesome town built on the mountain side with tales of the past all over.  It was an old mining town and is now more for the tourists.  Some prices are high, such as restaurant but there are good bargains there.  Cookie got a very nice looking pair of earrings for $3. 

On Monday the 22nd, we had driven to Phoenix town for a pre-race meeting.  Since the meeting was later in the afternoon we went early to do things like have lunch, Cookie got her ears pierced and I scoped out the Flying J for accessibility for fuel.  It's not easy getting in and out of places driving a 40' rig and towing a car.

We thought we had an outlet for Cookie's crocheting in Payson.  We drove over there yesterday.  It was a beautiful drive through the mountains.  Pine trees and trees with real leaves that had turned to the fall colours.   The place we went to see was a bust but we did enjoy the ride. 

This is good and bad.  Our car needed major repairs.  Hey, it's 14 years old with 132+ thousand miles, it deserved some new stuff.  During the replacement of the fuel filter, head light and serpentine belt it was discovered that the head gasket was leaking anti-freeze.  During the repair, the service center paid for a rental for us because of a back log of repairs and shortage of mechanics.  After 3 days we picked up our car better than ever.  Then the UGLY; I had to pay for it.  YUCK!!!!!!

We have had excellent weather, warm sunny days and cool crisp nights.  We love it.  We are coming back here after the race. 

I just had to put this in, it's cute!  I save alot of pictures like this that I find on the net.  Many come from posts that make it to my FB page. 

Well this is done.  I hope and pray all those in the path of Hurricane Sandy are safe.