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Sunday, June 2, 2013

New destination and better weather

We have been enduring colder temperatures more rain than we would have liked too.  Fortunately we have plenty of movies to watch.  Do any of you remember the TV series "The West Wing"?  I found it on line and bought the complete series.  Cookie likes anything political  and this is right up her alley.  We have watched it twice already.   It's my turn now with "Stargate SG-1".  There are 10 seasons so it'll last a little while. 

I've been going through some of the pictures from our 7 1/2 year adventure.  I want to put an album together that will highlight our adventure thus far.

Today has been a much better day weather wise than the past 2 weeks.  There was actual sunshine and warm temperatures.
At least "76" is on my side although today we were exploring. Lost is another word for exploring unknown places.  We've never actually been lost, many time we didn't know where we were but we always made it back. 

The rhododendron are still producing beautiful blooms. 

We took a drive to a near by camp ground to look it over.  It was smaller than expected and I could not get a signal for my hot spot.

The mountain shrouded in clouds is Mt. Saint Helen's.  It is still massive and beautiful.

I enjoy old farm equipment.  I guess there is some part of me that longs for the old days and the dreams of a younger man.

 We've decided to move farther north to a more familiar area.  Even with the bridge out on I-5 it shouldn't be any trouble getting to our destination.