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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Casino Hopping and Site Seeing

The weather has finally turned nice.  On Monday we went to the post office to retrieve the mail; i.e. a box of junk and to get some groceries.  It was so nice we decided to explore the area some and get the groceries on the way home.  Not to far away was the Lucky Eagle casino and hotel.  We had never been there before so off we went.  It's not that far off I-5 and the fuel prices on the reservation were low enough to warrant the extra time to drive out there.  The casino/hotel has a small parking lot so they don't allow RVs to park over night.  There were a lot of cars in the lot, it was lunch time so I thought it was just the lunch crowd.  Well turns out that Monday is senior day.  With a players club card you got $5 free slot play, discount at the buffet and free shrimp cocktail at the bar.  That explained all the cars out side, SENIORS.  Well it turns out that at this casino senior means 55 and over.  That means I qualify.  We stood in line to get our players club cards, well Cookie stood in line, I waited until she got close to the front.  This is a common practice among us seniors.  We got our players cards and the extras they were handing out and went into the casino.  Cookie did great and I not so well but both of us left in the positive.  We decided to skip the buffet this time even though it was only $6.95 for lunch and $8.95 for dinner.  It looked good and there was ample variety but with the eating out budget being limited the decision to save for something better was made. 

Our next casino was on Wednesday.  We went to Little Creek, their promotions were $5 free money.  Most casinos will either put the promotional monies on your players card or give you a ticket for the machine.  The Little Creek casino just handed us a five dollar bill.  We tried our luck with no success, lost a little of our own money as well.  They also gave us $3 for food which was more like bowling alley food.  We passed besides we had lunch at Olive Garden, one of our favorite hauntsNot getting any richer we drove up the coast of the Olympic Peninsula to see some sites.

It was a beautiful day with clear skies and warm temperatures. 

You can barely see the mountain ahead but it is Mt. Olympus, the highest point on the peninsula.

We went as far as Hoods Port before turning into our next casino.

Our next casino was the Lucky Dog.  Here we received $7 and 500 points to do with as we wished.  We were a bit luckier here.  We left in the positive enough to wipe out the losses from the previous casino and still be ahead.  With a quick stop for milk and yarn we were home.