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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back in AZ

Well summer is over and it's back to Phoenix for the race.  We had a great time again this year on the west coast where it was sunny and cool. 

We have made our yearly pilgrimage to Tucson, AZ and Lazy Days RV for service.  We won't be here quite so early if our refrigerator hadn't died.  We lost 95% of the things in it but that's the way it goes. 

On our way south we stopped in Pasco, WA to visit with our nephew Justin and his girl friend Laura.  He is driving a truck hauling potatoes from the fields to the warehouse or from the warehouse to the processing plant.  He has become very responsible.  We are very proud of him and what he has accomplished.

We also have a loss of power problem.  We experienced stalling and other malfunctions while in route.  For example while driving I-40 near Williams, AZ the rig died as we rolled down the interstate.  I eased it on to the should and with-in fifty or so feet it started on it's own.  My mechanic told me it has to do with the torque converter.  That's a good thing.  We are still experiencing loss of power so here we sit in the lot by Lazy Days.  Hey, gotta be somewhere right.  The new frig has been installed and all the other service is complete.  When we leave here for good and get to Cottonwood, AZ the car is in for it's check-up.  Just a few issues with it.  After all it's 15 years old with 137,000+ , miles. 

The days are warm and the nights cool.  We have the lounge to hide in if it gets unbearable during the day and we use 2 blankets at night to sleep.  We love sleeping in the cold.

The refrigerator install went smoothly and now we have ice again.  The electrical problem was a bit trickier.  It took 2 days and several calls to Freightliner until the problem could be located.  We now drive down the road with renewed confidence. 

The race was again a big success.  Although, it wasn't as much fun this time as in the past.  There were many safety changes to the tram route. These were welcome changes. 

We're back in Cottonwood through thanksgiving.  The rest has been welcomed. 

Cookie now has some of her crocheting on the sight.  Her shop name is sugarstreasurechest.

Had to put the car in the shop too.  New tires all around, front brakes, rear break cylinder and a fuel filter took another big bite out of the pocket book.  I replace the fuel filter often, got tired of replacing fuel pumps. 

Afghan Cookie made for the Homeless Veteran Women's Home in Phoenix.