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Thursday, November 21, 2013


I was watching an Elvis movie last night which I hadn't seen before, it was an earlier one and not very good, until about 1 am.  I thought I would sleep in until at least 10 or 10:30 seeing how late I was up.  Cookie was fast asleep as usual and she got up early as usual.  I kind of dosed for awhile staying warm under the covers thinking it was getting later and later and that I should probably get up.  So up I got, went through my morning ritual and entered into the kitchen.  Upon looking at the time on the microwave and thinking CRAP it's only 9:18, what am I doing up so early.  We exchanged morning salutations and then Cookie asked if I was okay.  She knows I don't get up early.  No I'm fine I exclaimed just couldn't lay in bed any longer. 

Yesterday we went to Phoenix town for prescriptions and commissary.  Food has gotten to be very expensive over the last few years.   What cost $75 just 4 years ago now costs $130.  No junk food included in yesterday's take either.  Good thing our meds are free. 

This is a picture of our nephew Justin.  He is a semi truck driver and has been hauling potatoes.  This is just one of the huge tubers he delivers to the processing plant to become and potato product we buy in the grocery store or in a restaurant.  He gave us 2 not quite as big.  I used 1 for potato salad.  After I diced the potato up it filled a 4 quart sauce pan.  Where he lives in Washington state is the leading potato producer in the U.S.

Well morning is about over and it's cold in here.  Our little space heater isn't doing well anymore and I may be time to replace it.  So, so long and good day.