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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hopping Around

We've been Wal-Mart and recently JO-ANN Fabric hopping.  We started with Wal-Mart because that's usually where we shop.  Cookie has been doing some unique crochet patterns and she has been looking at yarn.  Wal-Mart hasn't been carrying a lot of yarn lately from what we have seen in this area.  We're wondering if they are phasing out yarn.  Anyway we've been hopping the Jo-Ann's Fabric's in the area and have found some really nice yarn for Cookie to work with.  It also helps that we get coupons e-mailed to us....yes I said us...once or twice a week.  I joined so we could get an extra set of coupons each week.  Some of you have seen and/or received one or more of these new items.  They are very beautiful an functional.
The above is a scarf done in a crocodile stitch.
We've also resumed our search for "Road-side Oddities".  So far we've seen the giant artichoke in Castroville, California...

The produce stand also had their other fruit displayed appropriately.

We've also saw the Giant Cowboy hats in Salinas, California...

Next was Dennis the Menace in Monterey, California...


We had lunch on...or I should say under...the wharf at Sand Bar & Grill...

the stairs down to the restaurant

The Fish and Fries were exceptional.  We will go back again before leaving the area.
The Visitor's Center is in an easy access area.

 Boats in the marina were plentiful.

You can park right on the wharf but it will cost.  There are machines to get your parking permit from.  Modern technology...
Learning to surf...a Dad teaching two girls to surf.
We do squeeze a lot of fun into a small amount of time.