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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Camping in Central California

     We are again in the left central part of California.  We're closer to the coast than the center of the state but what the hay.  We frequent this part of California partly for the weather and partly for the fresh fruits and vegetables that can be found in abundance here the better part of the year.  We will continue north throughout the spring and settle in Washington for the summer.  For now this is where we start.  Our preserve is in an open sided canyon behind a farm.  In the night we can hear the owls hooting and in the mornings we hear the wild turkeys making their way to their day time feeding grounds.  There are many species of birds which I know not one but they are pretty.  The preserve is over run with ground squirrels.  These little guys are fun to watch as they scurry about doing what ever they do.  It has also been reported that there are bobcat in the area. 
 As in all preserves the speed limit is 5 miles per hour.  Here we have our friendly police bear reminding us to go slow and easy. 

The sites are fairly level and you always have plenty of room to maneuver.  Each site is a full hook up on gravel.  There are plenty of pull through sites if you desire or you may choose a back in for even more room.  I take the pull through for the ease of parking.  Even though we are 11 miles from town we have had a good time each time we come here. 
 We were on our way to the P.O. when we saw a bobcat wandering through the mini-golf course.  This is the first one we've seen not in captivity.
We were some distance away but it's still a good picture.  Not much else goes on here and that's how we like it.