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Friday, July 17, 2015

Be Boppin Across the Country

We left Newport, WA on the 7th of June headed east.  Stopping at Lake Alva to see our friends Lydia and Bill for a few days we continued to Theodore Roosevelt NP were we stayed for 3 nights.  The little town of Medora was quaint but touristy.  Prices not with holding.   After the NP and continuing east somewhere just west of Fargo, ND we lost the AC shroud from the front unit.  I heard a loud rattle then silence as I saw in the back up camera it go flying past the car hitting the highway and shattering into a thousand pieces.  OH well.  Luckily when we bought this rig it came with an extra shroud.  Fortunate for us we were still carrying it.  At the Minnesota welcome center we found information on a repair facility able to replace it for me.  It was only a few hours delay but worth it.   We stayed in Wal-Mart parking lots most of the way and a casino once for 4 nights. 

In Indiana we had to stay in a Cabella's parking lot.  It was great we had the whole lot to ourselves and security.  Our friend Louise drove up from Crown Point to visit with us for awhile.  A short stop for supplies and we were on the road again.   

Our first real stop was at the Bear Cave RV Resort in Buchanan, Michigan where we stayed for three weeks.  We were only 20 miles from the Wal-Mart and JO-An Fabric in South Bend Indiana.  Buchanan is a small town where everybody knows everybody.  It felt like you could spit from one side to the other. 

The next leg of our trip has brought us to St. Clair, Michigan.  We are close to Lake Huron and Lake Saint Clair.  In one place you look across the river at Canada.  Beautiful houses along the river and lakes.   We've had 2 days of sunshine and 1 of rain/clouds.  On the sunny days we went exploring and today we sit relaxing.  On Monday the car goes into get the drivers door window fixed along with the AC.  I do this for Cookie.  She trying really hard to put up with the humidity.  The motorhome roof has decided to leak again.  Depending on good weather I have someone to come fix it. 

We have been sitting here trying to decide where and how far to go next.  It will definitely be east.  But until then we sit and enjoy new things.

 The bridge behind me is the Blue Water Bridge @ Port Huron, MI to Canada

We stopped at a local chocolate factory.

Beautiful houses some new some very old.

Where we are camped internet service is hit and miss.  My hotspot went by way of the do-do bird.  Took it to Verizon, he said it was out dated.  It was only 4 years old but no matter I now have a Jet Pack.  I have no idea what the difference is but he said it was better and it was free to me because we are Verizon customers.  It probably doesn't help that we're in the trees down in a gully of sorts. 

Cookie is still crocheting up a storm.  I may need a cargo trailer soon to carry her doin's in.  She has been accepted into the Woman's Exchange in Pinehurst, NC., St. Louis, MO., and Brooklyn, NY. so far.  It's exciting seeing her be accepted into these places and better yet selling some of here creativity.    

I have been picture organizing.  I have this thing about panoramas.  I've been doing good with getting the proper angle and all that jazz.  I have also been dabbling in writing my own suspense thriller which so far has more drama than I thought I could ever write.  We'll see.  A project to keep me busy.