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Thursday, September 17, 2015

I've Gone and Done it Now

     This is the craziest thing I've done in my life and let me say, I've done some crazy things.

     A few months ago, while sitting around the motorhome enjoying the nice weather, I started writing a book.  Now, I'm no literary genius, nor can I be considered literate in some circles, but I had an idea, so I ran with it. 
     There are literally tens of thousands of authors out there, some make it and some don't.  Fortunately for those of us that are below the bottom rung of the ladder, there is an option to self publish.  Now, I know people that have used this option, and according to them, they have had great success, and are satisfied with their results. 

     This is the option I have chosen.  Not because, of their success, but because it is the least complicated of the bunch.   

     I thought I was a fairly competent American, with a handle on our language.  Until, I started to put thought to paper.  Whoever invented spell check should have a statue erected in their honor.   I have had my nose in the dictionary more in the past few months than the previous 58 years.  I can't begin to fathom writing a novel with a typewriter either.  One mistake and you had to redo the entire page.  At least with a computer, and a word program, you've got options.

     The title of my book is "A Man of Two Worlds",  It's a romance/thriller/action story.  The main character, Geoffrey Hawk, is a 36 yr. old entrepreneur/mercenary.  His life becomes complicated when his work ethic and the woman of his dreams try to co-exist.   He has a, never fulfilled desire, to help those that cannot help themselves, which in turn causes his personal life to suffer.  If not for the love of a beautiful woman, his destructive nature would most definitely win out.

     It is now out.  For the paperback version go to , it is also out on kindle now too.  It should be on in a day or two.
     Check it out and get caught up in Geoffrey's whirlwind life of danger and romance. 

     This is going to be a series and I have already started on the second book.  I hope you enjoy it.