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Monday, September 21, 2015

Oh What a Beautiful Day

I had forgotten just how beautiful the weather could get in the fall here.  We're still in southern PA., along the Conestoga River.  he sun is out, warm temps and most importantly, low humidity.  I'm sitting here, looking out the window, at the river slowly flowing by.  There has been a few kayakers' floating along engaging in some fishing. 
 Something else that's nice about this area, no bugs.  I have been able to have the screen open without letting in a myriad of insects.
The water in the river had cleared considerably since our arrival last week.  It looks as if one could walk across and not be more than waist deep.
Tomorrow we move to Hershey for three weeks unless the weather changes drastically. 
Before I forget, call Cookie and ask her about her latest encounter at JO-ANN Fabric.  It's a HOOT!