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Monday, November 23, 2015

Recent Happenings

     With movin' back across country and the fall Nascar race I have neglected my posts.

     After spending a good portion of the summer in south central Pennsylvania we again migrated to Arizona to work the fall Nascar race at the Phoenix International Raceway in Avondale.
     We got back a trifle early so we hung out at our old digs in Gila Bend for a couple of weeks.  We caught up with old friends and made some new.
     Since my boss wasn't going to be able to work the first three days of the race it fell to me to gather, organize and supervise.  I have a great bunch of co-workers for sure.  Unfortunately this was the last race for all of us.  The track is going to a different system for the next year.  None of us has high hopes for it.  The company that got the contract didn't seem to really realize what they were getting into.  I hope it works out for the track though.     

     Everything went along with out a hitch until Sunday came along with the rain.  We had a six and a half hour rain delay before the race even started.  Some of us wound up working eighteen hours that day.  Needless to say we were a little punchy at the end of the shift.

     With the race over and an afternoon Dr.'s appt. we finally got on the road to CA only to run into construction delays in western AZ.  We sat in snail traffic for over two hours.  This made me have to drive at night which I hate to do but did it anyway.  I pulled into the casino parking after seven and after relaxing for a while I slept.  This allows us to go into our campground early so we have a better variety of spots to chose from.  The campground is small in area but big in sites.  On twenty-five acres they have 450 sites and 825 date palms.  It is tight especially with a forty footer but we managed to get a site we like and have had in the past.  It is 30 amp. pull-thru much better than trying to back into a 50 amp. site most of which are too short anyway.
     We've been here a week now with two more to go.  We signed up for and did the park craft show last Friday and plan on doing it again every week in what ever park we are in.  Cookie displays her crochet and me my book. 

     Book sales are slow but I am unknown so that is expected.  I write for the relaxation more than the money.  I'll be famous after I'm dead plus 100 years.  LOL.

      The second book to the Geoffrey Hawk Series (Chaos and Serenity) was almost complete until I re-read it for the umpteenth time and decided to change a few things.  I am nearly done with the editing and I plan to have it out in less than two weeks.

     For now it's writing and relaxing and repairing, hey the three "R's", well almost. 

     Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Don't over indulge, too much that is.