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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Where has the time Gone

Where has the time gone?  I don't really know but it is gone and that is that.  It has been a long while since my last post due partly to working this summer at Ruby's Inn near Bryce Canyon NP in Utah.  It has been an experience for sure and one I hope never to visit again.

We started on March 15, a cold day but it would get colder.  We had days of snow and some ice, freezing water pipes, busted sewer hose, well you can see we were unprepared for this type of weather.  Of the seven months we were there I think I had been sick five of them.  Nothing serious but the area played havoc with my allergies.  Cookie was luckier than I.

I was in the grocery department the entire time.  Fun for the most part and very educational. Cookie on the other hand started out as a cashier.  She developed back problems and had to go to a doctor.  He put her on half shifts and medication.  Fortunately she got reassigned to apparel where she could sit down when the need arose.  I worked 3 double shifts a week during the height of the season. Those were usually the days we received product for the shelves.  It really wore me out.  Cookie got 1 double a week on Sunday morning.  The extra hours were great, money wise, but it took its toll.

Sometime shortly after we got there I either lost or misplaced my camera.  So I have no pictures to share.

On September 22, the first day of autumn, it turned cold and snowed.  Cookie enjoyed it, me not so much.  We had more cold than warm by then but I guess that is the nature of the beast at 8,000 feet.

We left for warmer weather on October 17.  We headed for Texas for drivers license renewal and to vote, then it was on to Phoenix for the annual doctors visit.  All except for Texas it's pretty routine.


The last day of October and we are but once again in Gila Bend, Arizona...doctors appointments and such then off to California...maybe.  Cookie has indicated that she might like to stay in G.B..  I don't know though, we have been remote all summer I would kind of like to be closer to civilization for awhile.


Today is Cookie's birthday.  We are relaxing from the last couple of days driving back and forth to Phoenix land for doctor's and what not.  I think we have decided to stay in Gila Bend for the winter.  It is still undecided but moving that way.
All take care and I'll write again soon...